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  • 63-72 C10 Rear Notch Kit

    63-72 C10 Rear Notch Kit

    Rydman Ranch now offers a stand alone system to get your truck on the ground. Our kits are CNC cut and formed, before being hand welded in house. We offer these kits with our without suspension to help fit your budget. Each kit is sold with formed rear rails allowing for easy install and clean apperance. No more graphing factory frames back together.


    • Lays a 30" tire
    • Instalation slots align with factory chassis holes
    • Removable center bag cross member
    • Formed rear rails and cross member with bumper mounts


    Each kit includes:


    Notch Only

    • Notch Uprights w/ Removable Bag Crossmember
    • Rear Formed Frame Rails
    • Rear Formed Cross Member


    *Lead Time 2-4 Weeks*

      Residential Delivery