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Gen2 C10 IFS Kit
  • Gen2 C10 IFS Kit

    Gen 2 C10 IFS Kit


    Our new IFS kits for the 63-72 and 73-87 C10's are now available. Designed around our proven geometery, in a new compact design. These kits incorporate a built in 3" drop and  a pre determined narrowed track width, allowing for large wheel/tire packages at a low ride height.  We have also relocated the wheel center line to be placed in the center of the fender opening, resulting in proper alignment. This kit will allow your truck to lay frame on a 30-inch tire, regardless of wheel size. The new design incorporates fabricated upper and lower control arms that offer a tighter turning radius and increase wheel options. Our new 17-4 HT SS spindle pins offer a direct bolt on application with no spindle modifications required.


    Each kit includes:

    • IFS Cross Member
    • Fabricated Upper Control Arms
    • Upper Ball Joints
    • Billet Upper Ball Joint Cap
    • Fabricated Lower Control Arms
    • Lower Control Arm Bushings
    • Lower Control Arm Bushing Sleeves
    • Lower Ball Joints
    • Lower Shock Mount
    • Upper Shock Mount
    • KYB Shocks (344067)
    • Inner Frame Stiffeners
    • Motor Mount Tabs
    • Motor Mount Billet Upright
    • Motor Mount Bushings
    • Motor Mount Bushing Sleeves
    • Motor Mount Block Mount (LS or SBC)
    • Upper Control Arm Mounts w/ Bag mounts
    • Billet Cross Shafts
    • Delrin Bushings
    • Crush Sleeves
    • Billet Washers
    • Billet Tie Rod Adapters
    • ¾ Joints
    • ¾ Jam Nut
    • 9/16 Jam Nut
    • Misalignment Spacer
    • 17-4 Tie Rod Stud
    • Rack Notches
    • Dominator 2500 Bags



    * Does NOT include spindles. Recommended part # CPP CP301063 

    * Does NOT include rack and pinion. Recommended part #101-0107 or M21400

    * Kit is designed for a 30" Tire

    * "High Hump" Trans Tunnel Required

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